Live The Nature of Life

Who teaches Cow to eat grass, who teaches cat to hunt a rat. We all are designed to know what is our food. Those who are asking from others might never know the truth.

Our Story

Started in April 2, 2022

EFH journey started in Chaitra Navratri 2022 by Fruitarian Gaurav Goyal when he realised the need of togetherness to continue fruit diet. He called for 9 days fruits feast with him in Chaitra Navratri of 2022 and the event gained huge success and he received immense testimonials during 9 days which are available on the EFH telegram where it was started. 

This is an emerging community where people are finding their Joy & Peace with each other and able to handle stress created by their own family members and friends when they resist changes.

Our Offerings

Fruitarian Advantage


Alternate Family

When you take the right decision of eating fruits, all people will resist change including your friends and family members and you will need alternate family of like minded people.



We conduct regular events which are offline in different parts of country to help people meet each other and share their experience.


Zoom Meetings

We have 3-4 daily zoom meetings daily which are free of cost and help people discuss their problems and get a continuous support in eating fruits & overcome cooked food addictions and how to deal with society.


Whatsapp Groups

We have International and National Location wise, City wise  whatsapp groups where people can remain active and stay connected with likeminded people and can plan Fruitarian meet together or plan events.

Introduction of

Our Fruitarians/Experts

I am doing MBBS, fruit diet has helped me to reverse PCOS. And now I am helping people in eating fruits with Eat fruits & Heal
I gave birth to a baby by eating only fruits . The delivery was painless and without any complications. To conceive naturally contact me.
I am in Canada, I healed my MS by eating fruits. I am happy to associate with EFH and would love to help you all.
I am practicing natural hygiene and I understood that no medicine helps in healing and it is body itself which heals when given by right food.
I am eating fruits from last one year. I reversed my PCOD and digestive issues. Now I am helping people to understand their natural diet.
I healed my PCOS and currently pursuing my MBBS and wish to help more and more people in understanding power of fruits.
Saheli Sultana M. 8116933657
Kolkata, India
I am from Italy, I always struggled with digestive issues, brain fog and lack of energy and I solved these issues and ready to help you all.
I reversed my breast cancer by eating fruits and want to help everyone who is undergoing through similar experience.
I tried everything to heal ulcerative colitis and Dr. suggested surgery. I had no hope but I tried fruit diet and healed.