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We at EFH help people in eating fruits and understand the power of ancient system of Phalahar. We provide community support through social media tools and ease the process of this journey by guidance of experienced fruitarians. 

About Us

Eat Fruits and Heal Movement is rapidly growing and New people are joining to experience Fruit diet and meet their new family of fellow fruitarians.

Our experienced fruitarians ready to handhold you in this beautiful journey towards achieving Ultimate Health and Happiness. Their own healing journeys had such a great influence on them, that they decided to dedicate their lives to sharing this timeless health wisdom with the world.

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Diabetes Reversal Program

You can reverse your diabetes by eating fruits with us. To join this program you can fill the form. 

Daily Zoom Sessions

You can join Zoom Meeting at 11:00 AM IST Neha Arora ,  3PM IST, 8:00 PM IST Dr. Parth Goyal 
To join contact M. 9893102446


To Join Ekadashi Whatsapp Group Click on Photo above

You can do Ekadashi True Phalahar by eating only fruits with us on ekadashi in community. 

Why Choose Us

We Make Life Easier


Eating Fruits is in sync with nature and Saves Air Water Forest Animals Planet and ultimately Universe. As inhabitants of this Earth, everyone must come together to do their bit to save our environment by embracing Fruitarianism.


What Our Participants Say

I reversed my six years old diabetes, my sugar started coming normal on fruits. My knee pain also healed.
Bhupesh Mistry
I healed my cervical spondylitis, lost 15kg weight, people here are amazing and supported me through out journey.
Mukta Khanna
My Power is increased many fold on fruits. I can now run daily and completed multiple 50kms run.
Satish Kumar